Miguel was born into a low-income family that became entrapped in human trafficking. The death of his parents thrust Miguel into a series of foster homes, eventually placing him in an unsavory foster home situation. Fortunately, a teacher inspired Miguel to better himself until he became a highly successful married man with two children and was a greatly respected deacon in his church. Miguel faced common challenges when he lost his job, and his wife died prematurely. Along the way, Miguel had numerous opportunities to submit his trust to the Lordship of Jesus.


Other Books By This Author

Spiritual Ambitions

Our ambitions determine the kind of person we become, and the kind of person we become determines what we will do in life. And since what we do in life can have lasting—even eternal—results, it’s no surprise that many of us strive to reach our ambitions. Yet while we can be consumed with pursuing worldly, secular ambitions for career and family, our spiritual ambitions are too often left to chance as we drift through life.

Spiritual Ambitions: How Rich Do You Want to Be in Eternity? challenges us to identify our spiritual ambitions and evaluate their genuine importance to our lives. Whether you want to start a ministry, become a pastor, or just be more mindful of God’s presence in your life, author Tom Schulte shows you how to set your ambitions and listen for God’s guidance to follow the path he sets out before you.

To be used by God to fulfill his purpose is the greatest reward and victory we can have as Christians, but first we must be the kind of person who is pleasing to God. Therefore, we must develop our spiritual ambitions and make them our priority in life, proving to ourselves and to God that we are receptive and ready to heed the call and be touched by God’s Spirit.


The Last Leaf

The Last Leaf: What Do You Tell Your Grandson on the Day You Die? shares the deep and honest conversation that emerges between an elderly man facing the final days of his life and his young grandson. The grandfather, revealing he has kept notebooks that tell the painful stories of his life, asks his grandson to read the stories aloud. As they pass the time together, they cover the gamut of emotions, feelings, fears, and hopes that combine to make a life. The grandfather’s life’s story shows Kevin, the grandson, how a turn toward faith makes the difference between a restless life and a life redeemed.

The Last Leaf will appeal to older readers who desire to affirm the wisdom they have acquired by weathering life’s turmoil and travail. Younger readers, eager to find lessons worth absorbing and examples worth emulating, will discover much in The Last Leaf: What Do You Tell Your Grandson on the Day You Die? worthy of their attention.


Twenty-Two Shells

Detective Marvin Sludge, a former Special Services operative, lives a simple life. But he’s the best detective in his department, the one always assigned to impossible cases and interrogations. With virtually no family left alive, he feels religion is for the weak and the soon-to-be-purged by natural selection—the ones who can’t take the rigors of life.

Sludge, who suffers from PTSD, catches a curious case. A young man, a senator’s son, has been shot, and experts find twenty-two shell casings at the scene. That evidence points toward the makings of a serial killer intent on murdering one person a week for the next twenty-one weeks. As the bodies continue to pile up, Sludge and his partner search for a pattern and the killer.

Soon the case requires him to attend a victim’s church, starting him on his path to faith. Along the way, he addresses greater issues such as the meaning of life and who is really in charge of events.


The Fire in my Belly

A family of serfs escape during the early 1800’s and move to the midwest. Their story (family struggles, conflicts, successes, and failures) is told from their furnace’s perspective, which hears everything in the house by virture of the radiators in every room.